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How to embed a tweet into a web page or a blog post

You may need to embed a particular tweet from an expert, a journalist or a celebrity into your webpage or blog post. In most of the cases people take the screenshot and then use the image to show the tweet. The benefit of taking a screenshot is that even if the original tweet is deleted, you still have the image on your blog or webpage. Many political campaigners save tweets of their opponents to use their utterances against them in order to contradict them.

A screenshot of a tweet may look like this:

Tweet screenshot

But the problem with using the screenshot is that the tweet that you embed is simply an image and hence all the hyperlinks appearing within are not clickable.

On the other hand if you can embed the actual tweet all the live elements that come with that tweet can be clicked upon and used. Embedding a tweet is quite simple. All you have to do is, locate the tweet that you want to embed.

Once you have located the tweet, you need to click “Expand” and after expanding you need to click “Details”.

Tweet details

In the proceeding page you can see “Embed this Tweet”.

Embed tweet link

When you click “Embed this Tweet”, in the proceeding window under the “HTML” tab you can get the code that you will need to embed this tweet into your blog post or webpage. As you can see in the image below, you can also decide how to align the embedded tweet

Embed tweet code

You simply need to copy the source code and then paste it wherever you want the tweet to appear. The final, fully clickable tweet appears like this: