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How to enable Android Market on Samsung Galaxy Tab from UAE or Saudi Arabia

If you purchased your Samsung Galaxy Tab from UAE or Saudi Arabia running Android Market it must have been a really frustrating experience because it simply refuses to work. No matter how many times you reset your system or carry out different tweaks, the moment you launch Android Market your Samsung Galaxy Tab vibrates twice and then the application crashes. The problem is not with your tab, the problem is with the settings that come with the gadget if you purchase it from UAE or Saudi Arabia; these countries don’t allow you to use Android Market.

You will find many suggestions on the Internet and most of them don’t work. The solution presented here works on most of the Galaxy Tabs and other android smart phones. First of all you need to take backup of your data and applications because this is going to require a reboot and a factory reset. All you have to do is, tell your phone or the Samsung Galaxy tab that it is not the UAE or the Saudi Arabia settings that it has to follow. For this example, we will reset the phone to the UK settings. So are you done with the backup?

  • First of all, you need to locate your IMEI number. For your device it should be on the backside at the bottom (or anywhere else). If this is a hassle you can also dig out this information from your Samsung Galaxy Tab itself. Go to your home screen and then tap on the “Settings” icon at the bottom. In the Settings screen, locate “About device” and tap it. Then tap “Status”. Here you can see the IMEI number of your device. It is pretty long. Note it down somewhere.
  • Then launch your phone application (the icon that you use to make calls). If you have never used your Samsung Galaxy Tab to make phone calls then there may be some issue but here I am assuming that your device has a SIM card and you can use it to make phone calls.
  • Enter the following information into the box where you often enter the phone number you want to dial: *#272*your device IMEI#
  • That is, star, hash, 272, star, your device IMEI and then hash — enter the information as it is (there are no spaces between different bits of information) otherwise you will generate an error
  • Tap the dial button
  • You are taken to the screen where you can select different Sales Code options
  • Select XSG and tap OK
  • Your Samsung Galaxy tab will reboot and then it will be reset to the factory defaults

But this time when it resets, you will find to your pleasant surprise that Android Market works.