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How to enable Google accounts multi-sign-in feature

Do you have multiple Gmail or Google accounts? You may have multiple Google accounts for various explainable and inexplicable reasons. If you’re still wondering what’s a Google account it’s basically an account that you create with Google that allows you to use Gmail, Google Docs, Calendar, Google Apps Engine, Google RSS reader and a horde of other services that Google offers for free. Anyway, the whole point is if you have a Gmail account then you also have a Google account and if you have multiple Gmail accounts then you also have multiple Google accounts.

Unless your left hand doesn’t know what your right hand is doing life can be much easier if we can manage all our Google accounts from a single sign-in page. Google now allows you to manage multiple accounts from a single sign-in. What does that mean?


Whenever you are trying to manage more than one Google accounts you have to use different browsers because if you’re using a single browser you first need to logout from your current account and then log into the next one. This can be a very big hassle if you have more than 2-3 accounts. It means you have to have multiple browsers (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, etc.) open simultaneously. Google has solved this problem by enabling multi-sign-in feature that allows you to manage all your Google accounts once you are logged into one particular account. Sadly, this feature is not active for everybody but according to Google this will be available to all its users very soon.

How to activate the Google multi-sign-in feature

  • Since your current account becomes your default account you should first log into the account you want to use as your default account. Once you are logged into your preferred default Google account you click Settings in the top-right corner.
  • In the Settings section, click the “Accounts and Import” tab.
  • Go to the last option that says “Google Accountant settings”, click this link
  • Under the Personal Settings header you can see the Multiple sign-in option. By default it is off. You can click it and turn it on.


After turning on/enabling the Google multi-sign-in feature it might still be a mystery how to add your other accounts to this account, as nothing visible seems to happen after you have turned on the feature. Look at the top where it normally shows your e-mail address. Instead of the simple link now you will see your e-mail as a hyperlink and there will also be a down arrow that you can click. When you click on that down arrow it shows you a list of all the Google accounts you have currently signed in and it also allows you to sign into another Google account. This is where you add the other accounts. Once you have signed in that account too will start appearing in the drop-down list.