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How to engage more with your email list subscribers

Are you publishing an email newsletter from your website or blog? Do you feel that you aren’t engaging enough? Anyway, what does this exactly mean? In order to understand this you need to figure out why in the first place you send out your email newsletter to your list subscribers?

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On the Internet email marketing is the oldest form of reaching out to your target audience. It is older than social media, it is older than blogging, and it is also older than PPC campaigns and banner advertising. Despite various changes happening in the field of Internet marketing, email marketing still rules the roost. Just browse through your inbox and you will see how many marketing emails you get on a daily basis. But to how many do you respond? It won’t be surprising if the answer is none.

This is because you aren’t being engaged properly. Just imagine, if you don’t respond much to the marketing e-mails that you receive, how do you make sure that people respond to YOUR e-mail marketing campaigns? You need to engage them constantly.

Why you need to engage your e-mail list subscribers

E-mail marketing doesn’t just involve sending routine e-mails to your subscribers. It is a relationship building activity. If people aren’t exactly running over each other to grab your offers, you need to keep them engaged so that when you have something really exciting to offer, they are eagerly waiting for the opportunity. If you don’t regularly engage them, they will consider every e-mail of yours as something not worth caring for. Here are a few things you can do to engage your e-mail list subscribers:

  • Offer highly valuable content: They subscribed to your e-mail updates because they were really looking forward to receiving something highly valuable and useful (unless they subscribed merely to download an e-book or some other digital offer being made in lieu of subscription). Keep that promise. Always send them high-value content so that whenever they open your e-mail they are really excited about what’s inside.
  • Encourage them to contact you: Most of the e-mails contain non-responsive content that just lies there. There are very few e-mails that really talk to you. Encourage your list subscribers to give you feedback, ask you questions, and even ask for help in case you can provide it.
  • Run competitions and contests: Nothing excites people more than competitions and contests, especially if they can win something they really want. If you can afford it, keeping a prize that is really worth the effort, for instance an iPad, or something similar. Individual competitions and contests can last for multiple e-mails so that you can really build up the excitement.
  • Occasionally send personal e-mails: Develop a personal rapport with your subscribers by sending individual e-mails occasionally. Suppose you have found something really useful and one of your subscribers can really be benefited from it. Although it won’t be possible for you to know this, but in case you do, do send that information individually. Later on you can also let it be known through your main newsletter. This will significantly increase your goodwill among your e-mail list subscribers.
  • Engage them over social media: Online marketing these days doesn’t work in isolated chunks. You will come across same people via e-mail, blogging and social networking. Engage them everywhere.