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How to extend or increase your iPhone 4S battery life

extend iPhone 4S battery lifeAlthough Apple iPhone 4S was launched with the greatest of bangs, off late many people have been complaining about its constraint battery life. Initially Apple denied the existence of this problem but later on the company declared that it is going to release a patch that is going to help you extend or increase the life of the battery.

The battery life of an iPhone 4S or for that matter any smart phone drains quite fast due to multiple applications and add-ons running simultaneously. You don’t even need those applications and add-ons to run on an ongoing basis but by default and most of the users don’t know how to stop them or have no idea that they are reducing the battery life of their phone.

Here are a few steps you can take to increase or extent your iPhone 4S battery life

Turn off the Wi-Fi of your iPhone 4S

Wi-Fi is a big battery consumer so switch it off if you don’t need it. Many of us are using 3G connections and it makes no sense to keep the Wi-Fi running simultaneously unless you really need it. You’re not on the net all the time and you’re not checking your Twitter and Facebook accounts all the time. There are many instances when you have to keep your iPhone 4S inside your pocket or table and that is the time that you should turn off your Wi-Fi. There are some applications that automatically switch off your Wi-Fi and 3G connection when your phone is lying idle and this is known to increase the battery life by multiple hours.

Reduce the brightness of the screen of your iPhone 4S

You often don’t need as bright as your screen currently is and a bright screen consumes lots of battery. You can easily go to the settings, and decrease the brightness of your screen in order to extend the battery life of your iPhone 4S.

Switch off automatic syncing and notifications

If you check your e-mail and Twitter messages on your iPhone 4S by default the applications that use continuously fetch new data from the server and this wastes lots of battery. Instead, change syncing to manual instead of automatic so that the data is synced only when you need to check your messages. If you check your e-mail messages just a couple of times in a day, what is the use of your iPhone 4S continuously checking for the new messages and wasting battery life?

Shut down applications if you’re not using them

Once you run an application in many instances it keeps on running in the background and your iPhone 4S has to do lots of multitasking, reducing your battery life consequently. If you are not going to need an application for the next couple of hours (even if it is Twitter or Gmail) simply shut it down so that it is not consuming system resources. The next time you need this particular application it only takes a couple of seconds to restart it. Considering the amount of battery life you can save the effort is worth it.

Switching off location-based services can extend or increase your iPhone 4S battery life

Do you really need to keep your friends and remote applications informed about your whereabouts all the time? Location-based services consume lots of battery life and if you really don’t need them, simply shut them down.

Fully charge your iPhone 4S battery and then drain it completely before recharging at least once a month

This is known to improve the battery life. It may be a hassle to carry out this exercise but doing it once in a month can really help you increase or extend your iPhone 4S battery life.

What other measures are you taking in order to increase or extend your iPhone 4S battery life? Please share them in the comments section.