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What is Facebook subscribe button and how to activate it

Facebook Subscribe is a new feature introduced by the social networking website so that you can subscribe to public updates of certain individuals without having to add them as your friends. This way, whether you have added each other as your friend or not, once you have subscribed to his or her public updates, those updates will appear on your Facebook timeline.

Is Facebook Subscribe a totally new feature?

Not exactly. You have always been subscribed to your friends updates because you always see their messages (and they can see your messages) on your timeline. The difference in this new Facebook Subscribe feature is that now you can receive updates from people you admire but are not friends with, like celebrities, politicians, players or anybody from home you would like to hear but haven’t been able to add him or her as your Facebook friend.

How to subscribe to a Facebook user’s updates

It’s very easy. Visit the persons Facebook profile and check out for the “Subscribe” button on the right hand side. It should be between “Add Friend” and “Message” buttons ideally. This is how it looks:

Activating Facebook subscribe button on your profile

It doesn’t have to be a total onslaughts of messages once you have subscribed to a particular Facebook users updates. You can easily select what sort of updates you would like to subscribe to as shown in the image:

Facebook subscribe button options

How to activate the Subscribe button on your own profile

For this, first go to your profile page. On the left hand side you will see a link “Subscribers”

activating Facebook subscribe button

Click on the link and on the proceeding page click “Edit Settings” on the extreme top right and you will get the following window:

Facebook subscribe button window

Here you can activate the Facebook Subscribe button on your profile. When people see your profile they will be able to see this button and subscribe to your public updates.