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Facebook is working on a personalized newsreader

You spend more and more time on Facebook? Do you wish that your every online activity could be carried out from within Facebook? Then there is some good news for you, if you like news. Very soon you will be able to use the Facebook news reader. This app will basically work in the format of Flipboard, another highly attractive and popular new curation app for mobile devices.

The newsreader app from Facebook will extract customized news-based content from millions of feeds being posted by its users and present them to you in a newspaper or a magazine format, according to your tastes and preferences. Maybe these tastes and preferences will be either derived from your personal selections, or from your interaction pattern on Facebook over a period of time.

You might say, “oh well, another news reading app,”, especially when Google recently shut down its Google Reader and you might be right. There are many companies who are throwing their hats into the arena to create their own versions of newsreaders. Is there actually so much demand for news? With the mainstream media disappointing its audience every second day, social media and social networking websites have become the main sources of news for many Internet denizens. So some interface is definitely needed to manage all that content.