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How to find your Gmail account creation date

Why would you like to know when you created your Gmail account in particular on your Google account in general? Sometimes you cannot login to your account, whether it has been hacked or you have simply lost your login details.

Although these days when you cannot log into your Gmail account they can send the login information to the alternative email ID you must have entered at the time of creating your Gmail account, and in case you also entered your mobile phone number, they can also send you the information there. But if you haven’t entered these details, they will ask you a set of questions before proceeding on to figuring out how to help you use your account again. These questions might be:

  • When you were able to log into your account successfully
  • The last password you used with your Google account
  • The date of creation of your Google account

If you are reading this blog post after access to your account has already been restricted, then you aren’t going to find this information useful, but if you want to prepare for the future, you better note down how you can find the creation date of your Gmail account while you can still access it.

Checking the welcome email

When you create your Gmail account they send you an automated welcome email. More than 99% people don’t delete that email and if you’re among those 99% people, you can simply check the oldest message (by sorting your messages oldest first) and noting down the date on which you received the message.

Google takeout

Just go to https://www.google.com/takeout

The preceding page will ask you to enter your password, and once you have entered, you will encounter the following options:

Google takeout options

As you can see in the highlighting, click on “Transfer your Google connections to another account”

Source account

As you can see above you can make out on which date your Gmail account was created.

The POP settings

This method is available to only those who created a Gmail account after 2007.

Go to your Gmail settings.

Then go to the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab

POP section

If you see a disparity in the creation dates in the above presented images it is because the account that I have used as an example was completely emptied on January 31, 2006.