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How to find a literary agent for yourself

So you have finally completed the novel you have been working on for months and even years and now you’re looking for a literary agent for yourself. Sometimes finding the right literary agent can be more difficult than writing the actual book or novel. It can depend on your connections, the sort of information you have, the sort of writing work you have done so far and the recognition you have gained in any possible field.

If you are a known personality and if there is a market for whatever you have to say literary agents will start pursuing you on their own because they can smell lots of money in it. But if you still have to make your mark it is up to you how you find a literary agent and then convince him or her to have a look at your manuscript.

Before looking for a literary agent it is very important that you complete your manuscript. There are many aspiring writers who create a proposal and a synopsis and then start looking for a literary agent, hoping to complete the book once they have signed a contract. They don’t want to spend time on the novel unless the literary agent has accepted the synopsis and has agreed to represent them.

It may or may not work. It is a good idea to get a literary agent’s opinion before you go ahead with writing a full-fledged book, but this in itself is a wrong start if your decision to write a book or a novel depends upon the literary agent’s opinion. Finishing the novel first will give you confidence and keep you prepared in case some publishing house immediately wants to publish your work.

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