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How to find the name of the theme a WordPress blog is using

Interested to know what theme a particular WordPress blog is using? If you are familiar with the most widely used blogging platform on the Internet, there is a great probability that you know that the look and feel of every WordPress blog depends on the theme it is currently using. It is basically the layout – a WordPress theme decides what font type the blog is going to use, where all the different components like the title, the meta descriptions and the sidebars are going to appear. So web designing for a WordPress blog basically means creating the theme.

There are thousands of freely available (it is a free source blogging platform, after all) themes that you can use with a particular WordPress blog. This primarily could be the reason why you want to know the name of the theme: if you like the design of the blog, if it is a free theme, you would like to use it with your blog too. This is why you would like to know the name of the theme.

Finding the name of the theme of a WordPress blog by viewing the source code

This is the easiest way of finding the name of the theme a WordPress blog is currently using. Take for instance HowToPlaza. Right-click anywhere on the blog and in the context menu, click “View page source” (this is assuming you are using Google Chrome – every browser has its own expression for the same function).

View page source

Once you have clicked this, a new tab opens with the source code of the page/post you are currently viewing.

Here you can see that HowToPlaza is currently using the twentytwelve-child theme that is based on the twentytwelve theme framework that comes with WordPress.

Basically whatever is preceded by “/wp-content/themes/” is the name of the theme.

Using an online tool to find out the name of the current WordPress theme

You can go to http://whatwpthemeisthat.com/ , enter the name of the blog and find out the name of the theme. It also tells you what all plug-ins this particular blog is currently using.