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How to find the right web traffic analytics metrics for your business

Every online business requires traffic, especially traffic that actually converts, and in order to achieve that we need to find out exactly what web traffic analytics metrics we should focus upon.

There are multiple web analytics tools available on the Internet but very few really tell you exactly what factors help you increase your business, according to this interview of Neil Patel published in Search Engine Watch. Conventional search engines tell you where the traffic is coming from (sources), how much traffic they are sending, which keywords and key phrases get you more search engine traffic, which pages have the most page views, which are the entry points and which are the exit points, and so on, but there are very few analytics tools that tell you exactly what sort of traffic gets you the business you need.

By the end of the day what matters is your conversion rate. It doesn’t matter if you get 100 visitors per day per 10,000 visitors. If only two among them become your customers or clients you traffic doesn’t really impact your conversion rate. Once you know this, you can easily figure out that rather than focusing on traffic you should focus on improving the conversion rate of your website. So you need to define metrics that help you analyse your conversion rate rather than different traffic sources.

It takes a while to figure out exactly what impacts your business. It might be traffic from particular websites, traffic originating from particular keywords or PPC campaigns, or traffic originating from particular regions.

You need to find out conversion rate of the individual traffic source and the average conversion rate from all the sources and then you should be able to compare the two.

The more point is focusing on your most important traffic analytics metrics whether it is traffic source, keywords, social media are paid advertisement campaigns. This will tell you which metrics performance more and which one underperforms and then you can allocate your marketing resources accordingly.