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How to follow the FIFA World Cup 2010 on Twitter


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Are you a football crazy fan and is it a matter of life and death to know the latest on the FIFA World Cup 2010? Twitter might be the answer for you. For a couple of years Twitter has been a great source of updates on major world events, whether they’re natural disasters, celebrity death, socio-political uprisings or international supporting events.

If you’ve been using Twitter for a while (it’s OK if you’ve just started) it’s quite easy for you to follow what all is going on in the FIFI World Cup 2010. Here are a few things that might help:

Follow ardent FIFA World Cup fans and sports news agencies

If you follow the right people they might be the best source of football related information. They’re constantly posting information from their own sources and from other sources. You can also try to find sports journalists that are very active on Twitter and who constantly posting FIFA World Cup 2010 updates. Some Twitter users that you may like to follow are:

Follow Twitter lists dedicated to FIFA World Cup 2010

People create Twitter lists so that they can organize their streams into various sections. So for a while if you want to follow conversations only related to the FIFA World Cup you can create a list specific to this topic, or you can follow lists created by other Twitter users interested in the ongoing soccer updates. There is a comprehensive compilation of Twitter lists on the football world cup on this Mashable link.

Use hashtags and trends


You can also use the various Twitter search tools to search for hashtags associated with the FIFA World Cup 2010. Hashtags like “Fifa World Cup”, #worldcup, Vuvuzela, A-Team, etc.

If you are using Tweetdeck or Hootsuite you can even create separate columns using search terms like “worldcup” or “fifa” and receive the streams continuously.

The different Twitter search tools that you can use to search for the FIFA World Cup topic are: