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How to get more followers and likes on Instagram

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If you are in the habit of uploading photographs straight from your smart phone or Tablet PC there is a great probability that you’re doing it on Instagram. It is the fastest growing image hosting service specifically designed for smart phones.

Since every service these days incorporates social networking, Instagram is not an exception. Just like Facebook and Twitter, you get followers and likes on Instagram too. In most of the cases people upload photographs on this social networking website just to share them via Facebook and Twitter with people they already know and connect, you may also like to increase your popularity on Instagram itself. According to this post on Quick Sprout you can do the following:

  • Use popular tags: These are like the hash tags on Twitter and Google Plus. A good thing about using hash tags and popular tags is that if people are following them, your updates automatically appear on their streams – they don’t need to follow you or like your. Some of the popular tags on Instagram are #love, #photooftheday, #picoftheday, #instadaily, #iphoneonly and #beautiful. There are more on the above mentioned link.
  • Use popular filters: They are similar to tags.
  • Interact with people over Instagram: Since it is a full-fledged social networking interface (that has images instead of text and links) people prefer to interact with other Instagram users. So visit other people, like their images and leave useful comments.
  • Like other people’s photographs: Just like you want people to like your photos, they would also like you to like their photos. It’s good way of showing that you appreciate their uploads – just really mean it. Don’t just like peoples photographs so that in return they also like your photos.

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