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What is #FollowMe and how to use it


Twitter has launched a new service in collaboration with Vizify called #FollowMe. The service allows you to instantaneously create shareable movies depicting how you use Twitter over a period of time. Once created, the movie highlights the images and videos that you share, your most prominent tweets, the people with whom you interact the most of the time of day when you’re active on Twitter the most. It may remind you of stop motion videos. Some technology writers, as in this The Next Web blog post, even call it a “movie trailer”.

Whatever people may call it, the basic idea of using #FollowMe is to give, as the name suggests, a reason why people should follow you. A cursory glance over your recent timeline doesn’t really give an idea of what you normally tweet about, with whom you interact, particularly at what time you are active on Twitter, and such. Sometimes you get carried away with a particular topic even when you normally don’t publish updates on that topic and people wanting to follow you may hold themselves back just because of that. But if they see your #FollowMe video they will get a fair idea of how you normally interact on Twitter.

Creating a #FollowMe video

The process is quite simple and straightforward, especially if you have connected to Vizify via Twitter. Once you have authorized Vizify as a third-party app on Twitter, you can immediately start creating your #FollowMe video.

Editing #FollowMe movie

Although the entire process is automatic, and Vizify uses data from Twitter, once your video is complete, you can customize what photos and videos, and which updates must be highlighted. You can also add more photos and videos and other bits of data when you are allowed to edit the video, before you finally save it. After the video is fully generated, you can tweet about it on your timeline and let the others know that you have created this video.

You are also prompted to change your profile URL (on your Twitter profile homepage) to the URL of this video.

Will you be able to attract more followers after you have created this video? It remains to be seen. Of course a little bit of interactivity and video always adds excitement and action, so for many people, especially those who don’t have an official URL, this will be a good thing. People may also create very amusing and funny videos and some of these videos may also go viral, earning thousands of more followers in the process.