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How to get full administrative rights in Windows 7

You don’t have full administrative rights in Windows 7 even if you yourself have installed the operating system. This was perhaps done to protect some system critical applications and files that you may end up accidentally deleting and crashing the entire system in the process. But not having full administrative rights in Windows 7 can pose some problems like not being able to execute certain files and access advanced features.

So does nobody have full administrative control in Windows 7?

Usernames like Administrators et cetera do have full administrative control in Windows 7 but it is of no use to you if you are the only person using the operating system. Would you like to have full administrative rights in Windows 7 so that you can execute all your programs without obstructions?

You can easily do that. But remember one thing, having full administrative rights also comes with responsibility and care. This feature must have been activated in Windows 7 to protect your computer from you so if you’re gaining full admin control you are in fact making your operating system vulnerable. So do this only if it is totally necessary, otherwise, skip it, it is an occasional nuisance you can easily live with.

Anyway, this is how you can get full administrative control in Windows 7:

Click on the Start button

Click Computer and you will get this window

Full administrative rights on Windows 7

On the left hand side there is a list of hard disks. You may have multiple hard disks if you have multiple partitions or if you have attached multiple hard disks to your computer.

Right click on the drive where Windows 7 is installed.

On the pop-up menu click Properties

In the proceeding window there are multiple tabs but you need to click on Security.

Full administrative control in Windows 7

Under the Security tab you will find the Advanced button, click it.

You will come across a list of all the users active on your computer.

Click the Change Permissions button.

Full administrative rights in Windows 7

Now, you might be the only person using your computer so don’t worry about the other names. You will find multiple instances of your name; one with “Administrators” and another with Users. Select the one with Users.

After selecting your name click the Edit button.

Full admin control in Windows 7

That said, this is the place where you can get the full administrative rights in Windows 7. Under “Allow” check the checkbox in front of Full control and then click OK.

Your computer may warn you that changing the permissions may disturb your configuration. When I tried this on my computer nothing drastic happened. But move ahead at your own risk.

After you have clicked OK for a while your computer will change permission of certain folders and then you will be able to use your computer with full administrative rights.

14 thoughts on “How to get full administrative rights in Windows 7

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  2. Life Finance

    information you have also managed to get some good content and useful
    information on your blogsite.

  3. Akin63

    acess is denied every trick evry trick does not work will  there be abyway  can get my self admin

  4. Robzues69

    It does'nt bloody work I tried what you suggested and it keeps popping up access denied, I would have so much extra space on my pc if I had full admin power. I hate windows.

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  6. m1kesa1m0ns

    this doesn't work. I am still denied access to critical files, and the process does not end until I click cancel, negating all the changes.

  7. sarahwatts

    Thanks for leaving your feedback. It's quite strange because when I tested this feature for the sake of writing the tutorial, it was working. I'm sorry it didn't work for you. I will do some more research and testing and update the blog post.

  8. korky

    Hey, I thought this would be the solution but I still can’t remove files from my program files (86x) at will.

    My problem is quite complex. My SSD is also my main drive with the OS and windows7 on it. But it only has 120gb so it’s getting full fast. So I wanted to remove files from my SSD and put it on my E: drive but it keeps saying I have to be administor while I’m on my administor account.

    The things I want remove are files like norton anti virus, my user files (pictures, movies, songs,…) mainly files that are big but don’t have to be fast.

  9. random

    works great if you already have the admin rights… for the step
    ‘Change Permissions’ you need admin rights

  10. ZomBlade_Shadow

    I FOUND THE FIX! (for me)

    It should be because of your antivirus,for me it was avira,it pops up and says it blocks access.
    What you do is modify your antivirus security.
    I would be glad if it works for you too!

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