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Gmail notifier for Google Apps in Ubuntu

Looking for a Gmail notifier for Google Apps in Ubuntu? A long time back we discussed here how to set up a Gmail notifier for your Google Apps account but that was in the context of Windows. You can have the same facility in Ubuntu too. The procedure is somewhat the same — you setup a separate Gmail account where all your Google Apps email is forwarded to and then you can setup a notifier for that Gmail account.

For Ubuntu there are multiple Gmail notifiers available but there are two that come highly recommended:

  • CheckGmail: You can install this from Ubuntu’s Synaptic Package Manager. Simply search for it and install it. It handles multiple Gmail accounts and it shows a summary of your latest messages when you hover the cursor over its icon running in the top bar.
  • Gmail Notifier: This is a decent app to get Gmail notifications but the display is not as good as CheckGmail, although it has a nifty icon.
  • cGmail: This is a privately developed Gmail notifier for Ubuntu with quite a nice display.