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How to make good use of your old smartphone

Old smart phones

If you are a regular smartphone user there is a great chance that it is already your third or fourth phone. With an array of new smartphones being released into the market every week, there are unlimited options for people who want to upgrade their existing phones. Major companies such as Apple, BlackBerry, Samsung, HTC, LG, Microsoft, and even Google are offering multiple versions of their respective phones and almost all of these phones are drool-worthy.

What happened to your old phones? If you didn’t give them to someone else – it always makes sense to give your old smartphone to another person if he or she isn’t bothered much about the latest cutting-edge features – they must be lying here and there. Do you know that you can still make good use of your old smartphone? This article makes various suggestions on how you can make good use of your old smartphone.

Here are a few things you can do [Not all these suggestions appear in the original article]

Use your old smartphone as an extra smartphone

An extra emergency smartphone can always come handy in case you lose your existing phone or if it gets stolen, or if it simply breaks. You can also use your old smartphone when you want to switch off your existing phone to avoid being disturbed.

Use it as an MP3 player

All smart phones these days come with MP3 player capabilities. You can use your old phone to store your greatest collection.

Give it to one of your kids

Kids normally don’t require cutting-edge gadgets. If you have a younger kid who is just being initiated into mobile calling and computing, you can hand your phone over to that kid. He or she will be really happy and you won’t be mad in case he or she breaks the phone or loses it. It can be a good learning experience before you buy an expensive gadget for your kid.

Donate your old smartphone

If your smart phone is in great working condition and if it is not going to cost the recipient money on repairs and add-ons, you can also donate your old phone. There are many people who can make good use of your smartphone but cannot afford it.

Use it as an extra hard drive

Every smart phone can store up to 16-32 GB of data. Although the smallest thumbnail drive these days comes with this much but still, if you have a smart phone, why not use it to store your files, a few movies and a couple of hundred of MP3 songs?

Use it to make VoIP calls

Since you won’t be using many applications on the older smartphone, you will be easily able to make VoIP calls using its Wi-Fi connection.