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How to make yourself a good writer

How to become a good writer

Yes, you can definitely make yourself a good writer even if you don’t get to write much. Knowing how to communicate well through writing is very essential these days as most of our communication happens via writing whether you are sending text messages, sending e-mails or posting your Twitter or Facebook updates. In order to make yourself a good writer you have to sound convincing, compelling, succinct, and of course, original.

If you want people to take you seriously as a writer you also need to take them seriously as readers and this means taking proper care what you write and how you write it. The points presented below may help you make yourself a good writer:

Improve your vocabulary

A good vocabulary isn’t just used to show off your literary skills. Just imagine you want to express a feeling and you cannot find the right word and you are running out of time. This can be very frustrating. On the other hand if you constantly improve your vocabulary you know exactly what word to use at what time. Besides, it’s your words that set you apart from other writers. I don’t mean to say you have to use difficult words in order to be a good writer (most good writers don’t use difficult words), but people will really appreciate (if they have some taste) if you are careful about what words and phrases you use in your blog posts and social networking updates.

Read regularly

By reading I don’t mean trashy material. Read something that enriches you and that makes you think. A good start would be the books review sections of reputed newspapers such as the New York Times or the Washington Post. You may also try the New Yorker. The Guardian also publishes lots of literary work.

Again, reading doesn’t mean browsing websites and blogs. Purchase some good books, especially classics. Modern literature is good too but unfortunately modern writers are too obsessed with trying to be original rather than focusing on their writing. Besides their language skills are quite lacking, to be frank.

Assimilate and think

Assimilate the messages your environment throws at you and then think about them. Think about how people react in a certain way. Think about how particular person has written something. Take up the newspaper, read a column, and think about why that columnist has written that. Try to think something different, have an opinion and try to express it through your writing. Creative writing is mostly thinking and somehow we lose our grip as we do less and less thinking. Try to find different angles to a story. Pay attention to what people are talking about and then jot down your own thoughts on a regular basis.

Write regularly

Well, this goes without saying. Writing is a skill so you have to practice everyday. You lose touch if you don’t write regularly. This is same as any other skill or ability. Just as a singer you have to practice everyday, or an athlete has to exercise and run and practice everyday, you have to write every day. You can either work on your stories, your novel, or even your blog. If that’s not possible, try to give your best even when you are posting your Facebook or Twitter updates. Pay attention to your words and expressions.

Be original

In order to make yourself a good writer you don’t have to mimic the other writers’ style. Although it is not completely possible to have your own style because every big and small writer consciously or unconsciously writes like his or her favorite author (even the likes of Charles Dickens and Dostoevsky) still, just write without thinking of another writer.

Keep it simple

With every other sentence you don’t have to impress people. Write to please yourself and not the others and if this means writing in a very simple style, so be it. Then later on, as you get more and more comfortable, you can improvise and make your writing more literary and evolved.

Develop a routine

Writing is just like another activity. If you keep on waiting for inspiration it is never going to come to you, so have a routine of writing and stick to that routine. For example, if you decide to write every day at 6 PM then stick to that schedule. Sharp at 6 PM you must be at your table or your favorite place where you prefer to write.

Take your writing seriously

It is practically impossible to make yourself a good writer if you don’t take your writing seriously. Don’t take your writing casually. Don’t let people disturb you when you’re writing and don’t let yourself disturb you when you’re writing. It is a serious matter, and if you can make yourself a good writer you are going to change your life forever, so take it seriously.

These are a few things you can do to make yourself a good writer. In case you have some more ideas, do share them in the comments section.