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How to use Google AuthorRank to improve your search engine rankings

Author rank and SEO

Some time back we learned how to set up your Google authorship so that your content on various websites (and also on your own website or blog) can be associated with your Google profile. Establishing your authorship also helps you in improving your author rank and this further improves your search engine rankings.

What is author rank?

Remember Page Rank (PR)? When people were constantly able to manipulate their search engine rankings by putting misleading content on their webpages, Google came up with Page Rank that would make it practically impossible to rank well without getting endorsements from people who were already trusted by Google. Somehow people also outmaneuvered the page rank. Social networking has brought the individual at the forefront of validation and endorsement, and hence the author rank. If you have a good author rank your links will get SEO advantage.

It is always easy to improve your page rank by placing links over various websites. Author rank is hard to get because it solely depends on your authority and recognition level over several websites, preferably Google Plus. The more people promote your content, the more people interact with you, the more people seek you for advice, the better author rank you have. Actually this is quite natural. Even in the normal three-dimensional world, what you say has a wider reach if you are a famous person and if you are respected for your knowledge and wisdom. For instance, people will listen to Stephen Hawking about the string theory more seriously than they would listen to you or me. He has already developed his author rank, as far as this field is concerned.

As it should be amply clear by now, AuthorRank up till now is totally a Google game because it primarily wants you to use Google Plus as much as possible. The more active you are on Google Plus, the better is your author rank.

How to improve your SEO with your author rank

Of course the straightforward answer is working hard on improving your author rank. A great thing about the author rank is that it empowers individual rather than a business or an organization. Up till now businesses with big money have been able to get SEO benefits by pumping lots of targeted content into their websites. As a small business, or even a self-employed person it is humanly not possible to create hundreds of webpages and blog posts in a day. But by improving your author rank, you can get an advantage over big businesses because this is something they will have to compete at their writers’ level instead of merely on the basis of their content.

Here are a few things you can do to improve your AuthorRank, and consequently, your SEO.

  • Set up your Google authorship on your blog or website: This is the first step and it has already been explained in the blog post linked to above. This way, Google will be able to associate the content that you publish to your authorship.
  • Publish content regularly: Your authority increases as you share more and more of your knowledge through your regular writing. Focus on your subject matter and share as much information as possible so that Google gets to index your multiple links and associate them with your author profile. Regularly publishing content on your blog or website also gives you lots of material to share on social media and social networking websites and create meaningful content over there.
  • Increase your outreach: Interact with people so that they get to know you. You can use platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to start communicating with other publishers and influencers so that they know what you are publishing. Especially try to interact with people already enjoying a higher AuthorRank because validations and endorsements coming from them will have more value compared to those that enjoy a lower AuthorRank.

With the promotion of author rank Google has hit multiple birds with a single stone (metaphorically, I mean no harm to birds). Aside from encouraging people to use Google Plus as much as possible it is also basing rankings on individual reputations rather than content manipulations.