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How to use Google+ page to your advantage

Google+ page for business advantageGoogle+ is rapidly creating a worthy opponent to Facebook. Aside from offering almost all the features that Facebook offers, now Google+ also allows you to create branded pages that you can use to promote your business, personal brand and even a political ideology. A few days ago we discussed how to create a Google+ page. Now let us explore some ways you can take advantage of your Google+ page for the benefit of your business or brand.

Create an appropriate Google+ page profile

Right information and representation always matters especially on the Internet when people hardly know you (no matter for how long they have been your “friends” and followers on various social networking websites). It is very important that when you’re creating a Google+ page you create a profile that fully communicates what you stand for. Use your business logo or a header as a profile picture, use the right title (preferably the title of your business), and enter all the information the Google+ page creation interface asks you while creating the page.

And appropriate Google+ page profile also helps the right people to connect to you. This further makes your Google+ page updates more effective.

Add a Google+ 1 icon to your website or blog

You can encourage people to follow your Google+ page by clicking the icon on your website or blog. If they already have a Google+ 1 account and are logged in you can either encourage them to add your Google+ page to one of their existing circles (or create a new circle and then add your Google+ page it) or 1 it.

Reach out to people using Google+

The most obvious advantage of having a Google+ page for your business is that you can reach out to millions of people already using Google+ . It is actually same as taking advantage of your Facebook fan page. You can create hangouts where you can invite people for a lively interaction using text, voice and video chat. Of course you can also share your business news and other important stuff concerning your business with people following you through your Google+ page. Just like any social networking presence, through your Google+ page too the primary focus must be to constantly keep in touch with people who have connected to you via your page.

This will be an evolving blog post as more and more material on Google+ pages becomes available. Do pitch in your own suggestions regarding how you can use your Google+ page to your advantage.