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How to get great blog topic ideas from social media

Are you fast running out of great blog topic ideas? The problem with regular blogging is you have to come up with highly useful and engaging topics on a regular basis and sooner or later it becomes quite a task. Whether you are writing for your own blog or writing for another blog as a content writer, it is the lack of good topics that turns into a formidable speedbump on the way to successful blogging. Social media can provide you the needed succor, and not just that, it can open the floodgates of nonstop blogging in fact.

Social media is constantly buzzing with conversations whether your preferred platform is Facebook or Twitter. There is practically no topic under the sun that is not discussed on social media. It’s all about getting hold of the useful threads and following them closely.

But isn’t social media a big waste of time?

It depends on from where you look at it. People who have no clue of what’s going on, call it a waste of time. Those who can recognize its potential call it a revolution in terms of society, commerce and business. The biggest strength of social media is engagement, but that’s a totally different topic.

So how do you get great blog topic ideas from social media?

Follow right conversations and the right people

As mentioned above people talk about everything on social media and it literally means everything. So you need to be careful what conversations you participate in and follow. You can follow relevant conversations by following the right people. The people who talk about your topic or subject, people who have gained an authority over your subject and have plenty to say about it. They will constantly give you new ideas. Suppose you maintain a blog on personal growth. Then you will be following life coaches, personal growth speakers and consultants, motivational speakers and such. Of course you will also be following people who might not be leaders in their fields, but who regularly articulate their views.

Participate in conversations

Your mind always needs stimulation. Although lots of stimulation comes by reading, you can augment it and turn it into action by actually participating in the ongoing conversations. Express yourself. Introduce different angles to the same topic. Ask questions and provide answers. Help people if you are in the position to provide that help. As you talk more and more about your topic new ideas will automatically begin to appear in your mind.

Be regular

Don’t just be present on social media when you have something really compelling to say. Allocate certain amount of time and be there even if you have got nothing important to say. Suppose you have decided to log on to your twitter account between 6-7 PM. Be there at this time everyday. Try to say something, and if you haven’t got anything to say, simply observe what people are talking about.

Use tools to monitor conversations

For example, if you use Hootsuite it lets you create dedicated columns to track conversations and trends. Suppose you want to follow conversations involving “personal growth” and #personalgrowth. You can create a column with this keyword and hash tag. A good thing about this method is even if you’re not following particular people, when they talk about this particular subject, their updates appear in your timeline. Since you are creating a separate, dedicated column your home timeline remains unaffected.