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How to miss a great opportunity

As the famous saying goes you should be ready and fully dressed up when opportunity knocks at your door. In fact many people equate good luck with when your preparedness meets a great opportunity. Every individual in his or her life comes across multiple opportunities but there are very few people who can grab them and make use of them. This is the reason why there are so few successful people in the world. In this blog post I’m going to list a few things you can do or keep doing in order to miss great opportunities that life throws at you.

Go on believing that opportunity depends on your luck

Since you believe that opportunity depends on your luck and luck is something that is as unpredictable as which raindrop is going to fall on which leaves of a particular tree unconsciously you’re never very optimistic about ever coming across this great opportunity. What does that mean? You develop a blind eye for it. Since you’re not expecting it you don’t even look for it and even if it is right in front of you, you are oblivious to its existence.

Associating opportunity with your luck is also an easy way out. If you never come across an opportunity you can always blame it on your luck. This way there is very little scope for self-assessment. Since there is no opportunity in your luck you’re never going to succeed and since you’re never going to succeed there is no use putting in so much time and energy in trying to excel in something.

Never remain prepared for a great opportunity

Suppose you want to become a singer. All of a sudden you run into this music company talent hunter who wants to know how you sing. But you haven’t practiced a single note in the past 5 months and even if you have they have been intermittent bouts of inspiration but no solid preparation. You either shy away from the opportunity knowing quite well how terrible you will sound or you end up making a fool of yourself.

Similarly you want to become a writer. You’re always thinking of becoming a writer but never actually complete a story or novel. Suddenly there is a competition and you want to submit a story but haven’t gotten one.

In both the cases you have missed great opportunities because you were caught unprepared.

Over-estimate your abilities

The world is full of highly talented people who strive day in and day out to be what they are but still you believe that nobody can beat you. You think you’re always ready for an opportunity, and all you want is, come across one. As a singer you never practice, as a writer you rarely write, as a player you rarely hit the grounds and as an entrepreneur you hardly upgrade your skills and abilities. This way you miss great opportunities left right and center and in your conceit you don’t even realize that.

Don’t keep your eyes and ears open

Even if you excel in your field, even if you practice everyday, you can still miss great opportunities by not being aware of them. Sometimes opportunities can be all around you but you cannot recognize them. You never subscribe to journals and publications that could keep you informed. You never read news regarding your industry and the field of profession. You just focus on yourself in an enclosed corner of the world believing that since you have so much talent, you will attract opportunities like honey attracts bees.

Never network and live within your own cocoon

Since you never network most people won’t even know what to do and what service or talent you can offer to the world. So if they have some opportunities they will never pass them on to you. You just keep to your own self without interacting with other people. Don’t attend meet ups, don’t call people on important occasions and live like a recluse.

These are a few things you can follow in your own life in order to miss great opportunities.