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How to handle rejection at workplace

Do you often face rejection at your workplace and wondering how to handle it? To be frank rejection is a part of life and we all have to go through it at one stage or another. It’s just that some people take it on their stride and know how to handle rejection. In fact in most of the cases you don’t even have to take rejection personally because for them (people who are rejecting you) it is a manifestation of a sense of insecurity lurking in the person’s mind who is rejecting your abilities and personality.

This is the very first step you can take in order to handle rejection at workplace. Just stop taking it personally. The more you react the more pleasure you give to the people making you a target of their rejection. If they are simply your colleagues and you don’t have to answer to them in order to perform your day-to-day duties simply ignore them. If it is your superiors who are targeting you with their rejection then you definitely need a solution because it is going to impact the way you perform at your workplace. Actually there is no single solution because all conditions are different although the behavior is somewhat similar. Here are a few things you can do to handle rejection at your workplace.

  • Have confidence in your abilities: if you have cleared the interview and gotten yourself a job then you are certainly capable and have the needed abilities. There is no need for you to feel under-confident. If they are not your superiors or supervisors don’t seek their opinion unless it is a part of your job. Just focus on your work and try to be as good as possible in whatever you do; eventually it is your work that matters.
  • Develop a happy disposition: perpetual sense of sadness makes you an easy target for the bullies at the workplace. When you have a happy disposition it is very difficult to reject you. Basically most of the people at your workplace are sad from the inside and that is why they try to make you sad too by needlessly criticizing you or rejecting you (even if they look happy and confident there simply putting up an act). This way they feel good about themselves. Don’t fear them, don’t be angry with them, just understand them and if you feel intimidated just pity them.
  • Realize that rejection too is a form of bullying: it’s like saying you are bad at your work without giving any positive feedback that actually contributes or helps you improve yourself. The moment you detect criticism or rejection without finding a hint of suggestion don’t take it seriously — either the person is not smart enough or he or she is simply trying to psyche you up. As mentioned above typical bullies are often very scared people.
  • Widen your social is circle: it is great to have friends at the workplace but if you’re encountering a hostile environment it doesn’t affect you if you have a good friend circle outside of the workplace. It might not help you in the office but it will certainly give you a psychological edge.
  • Recognized people who accept your work: sometimes we get too occupied fretting about people who are constantly rejecting us and in the process and up ignoring those who are receptive. If the entire workplace is out to get you then maybe it is not a good place for you and you should better start exploring other options. Otherwise there must be people who are pleasant and are eager to accept you and your abilities. Recognize such people and to strike up friendships with them.
  • Never let fear come near you: fear never helps, it only worsens the situation. Just be yourself and don’t let people intimidate you. If you feel physically threatened than it is beyond the matter of acceptance or rejection, it becomes a law and order situation and you should react accordingly.

There are no hard and fast rules for particular situations. I am not implying that you should expect rejection as soon as you join a new office but it may happen and it is happening all the time. It is not that you are the only person in the world who is facing rejection at the hands of the co-workers or the superiors. Just give yourself some time and in most of the cases the situation wears off on its own.

So have you ever faced rejection at your workplace? If yes, how did you deal with it? Please share your experience in the comments section.