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How to hide or make your Facebook group secret

Want to create a Facebook group but worried about how to hide it or keep it secret from certain people? Suppose you have an “alternative” interest and you want to start a Facebook group for it. The only problem is once you begin interacting on that group all your messages and the activities of the group will be visible to everybody. Maybe you don’t want your parents to see whatever is happening in the group, or maybe whatever photographs and videos are being posted inside the group shouldn’t be accessible to your colleagues or your boss.

As mentioned elsewhere on this blog Facebook has a very comprehensive privacy settings interface. You can easily hide a Facebook group and keep it secret from the others. Only the members will be able to access the contents of the group.

In order to hide your Facebook group and make it secret you need to have the admin access to the group (obviously). While you are creating a new group it is extremely easy to hide it from everybody and keep it secret. Once you click on the “Create Group…” (it is there on the left hand sidebar) link you get the following window and the privacy options to choose from:

Keep Facebook group secret

As you can see you can easily keep the Facebook group you’re creating “Opened”, “Closed”, or “Secret”.

But what if you have already created a group and you want to change its privacy settings?

It’s very simple. Once you are logged into your Facebook account, on the left hand side you can see the name of your group. Click on it and then on the extreme right side you can see “Edit Group”. Click it and you can easily change the privacy settings and make your group secret so that it is hidden from everybody but the group members.