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How to know when you have to hire a copywriter

Hiring a copywriter for you business can be one of the most crucial decisions you ever make because he or she is going to communicate on your behalf for a very long time. But how do you know when to hire a copywriter for your business, whether you want him or her for your website or your blog, or even for your various social media profiles?

Most of us who can write well think that there is no need to hire a copywriter because it’s very easy to quickly write a few pages and publish them on the website or blog. To be frank, you don’t hire a copywriter because he or she may write better than you (although that might be the case if you are looking for a professional and experienced copywriter, and perhaps that’s why you are into another field and not copywriting), it is the persistence that you are looking for. It is very challenging to come up with convincing and quality content on an ongoing basis. After a while it becomes a drag if copywriting for your blog or website is not a full-time activity for you. You need a copywriter who can generate quality content for your blog or website while you take care of your core business needs.

This Copyblogger post explains in detail how to know when you have to hire a copywriter.