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How to access Pidgin chat logs/archives in Ubuntu

Pidgin is a great chat client but you cannot access its chat logs or previous chat archives directly in Ubuntu. But why would you need to access the Pidgin chat logs or archives?

Let’s suppose you had an important conversation with your client over Pidgin using text chat and some critical messages, like, phone numbers, emails, addresses, or website links. While working on the project you need to access that client’s chat log or script so that you can see what all you had exchanged.

Go to your home folder. In the View menu you’ll need to select “Show Hidden Files” or simply press CTRL+H. This shows the hidden files and without this you won’t be able to see the folder that contains the Pidgin chat logs. The complete path is:


If you are handling multiple chat clients like GoogleTalk, Yahoo Messenger or MSN then the logs will be presented in their respective folders. For instance, the path to GoogleTalk chat logs might be at:


You can then double-click the user whose chat log you want to see. It will most probably open as an HTML page.