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How to achieve more by working less

There is no correlation between working for longer hours and achieving more.  You can achieve a lot more even by working less. It is all about efficiency, organisation and a particular bent of mind. For instance, you have to take it out of your mind that you must work for 8 hours daily in order to accomplish what you want to accomplish. Actually be can achieve the same in comparatively less time if we are psychologically tuned to do that.

In order to achieve more by working less you must first of all remove every possible distraction whether it is mental or physical. Get rid of turn off everything that distracts you. It’s not about those five minutes of distraction; it takes longer to get your concentration that and focus on the work you are currently doing.  Besides, when an obstruction is caused it kills your creativity, and tragically, sometimes you never get it back. So even if not for the sake of saving time and achieving more in less time, you should eliminate distractions simply to perform better and make optimal use of your creativity.

Decide that for the next four hours you’re not going to check your e-mail, you are not going to use your Instant Messenger, you are not going to be unavailable on phone and you’re not going to let people inside your room. No matter how educational and revealing that link seems you’re not going to check it out unless you have completed your work.  That blog post you desperately want to read can wait for a few more hours.

You can also decide to outsource the work that can be done without your direct involvement will stop

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