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How to add files and photos to your Gmail message

Gmail is perhaps the most widely used e-mail service on the Internet, and maybe also in the world. When sending e-mail messages to family members and friends, sometimes you also want to send files and photos. Suppose you recently clicked some great photographs during your trip to the Bahamas and you don’t want to share them on Facebook. You just want to send the photographs to your kids.

You already know how to compose a message in Gmail, right? You also know how to hit the “Reply”. You just want to add some files and photographs to your message.

Let us suppose you are creating a new message in Gmail. These days when you click “COMPOSE” a new window pops up that allows you to create your message.

Gmail compose window

Gmail compose window

As you can see in the above image, you have to click the “Attachments” icon in order to add files and photos to your outgoing message. When you click it, it opens the standard Windows Explorer window. You can navigate to the folder where your files or photographs reside.

If you want to select all the files or photographs, simply press CTRL + A and everything within that folder will be selected.

If you want to select multiple individual files, keep your CTRL key pressed and click individual filenames.

Of course if you want to add just a single file, you can either double-click it or just select it by clicking it.

Then click “Open” and your files begin to upload. If it is a heavy file, or if there are multiple files, it may take a while to upload everything. You don’t need to wait for everything to upload and after composing your message, you can click “Send”.

There is another way of adding files and photos to your Gmail message. You can simply drag and drop them. If there is enough space on your computer screen (that is, you have a wider computer monitor) you can open two windows side-by-side – one browser window where you are composing your new Gmail message and a Windows Explorer window that allows you to navigate to the folder that contains the files that you want to add or attach. After that you simply have to drag the files from your Windows Explorer to the composing mail window. Your files get automatically added.