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How to add gradient to text in Photoshop

Adding gradients to text tremendously improves the beauty of your text, and you can especially use gradients in text while creating website logos and headers.

In Photoshop it is very easy to add gradient to text. Write the text in whatever font you feel like. I have purposely chosen a black background to highlight the gradient effect. You can create a dark background by opening a new Photoshop document, choosing the layer color as black (let’s say), filling the entire area with a big square and then flattening the image (Layer->Flatten Image).


After writing the text, go to the layers panel and double click the layer containing this text.


When you double click on this layer, this window opens up:


The option highlighted with red is the one that is going to add the gradient to your text. Don’t just check the checkbox because then you’ll simply be able to add the default gradient, instead click on the text “Gradient Overlay” and your window changes to this:


You can play around with this option to see what sort of gradient effect you want. You can also try to change the opacity and scaling to see how it looks. Our final gradient to text effect appears like this: