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How to adjust to or cope with the Daylight Saving Time

Daylight Saving Time allows you to enjoy more daylight during summer by shifting the clocks back one hour because in summer the sun rises earlier compared to winters. This way you can start your day one hour earlier and utilize the sunlight.

But the problem is by the time the Daylight Saving Time takes effect, whether in the beginning of summer or winter, your biological clock has adjusted to the existing time and hence it becomes a bit difficult to all of a sudden adjust to the new time. Given below are a few tips that you can use to adjust to the new Daylight Saving Time.

Adjust your sleeping pattern as soon as possible

The biggest problem with the Daylight Saving Time readjustment is the disturbed sleeping pattern. So readjust your sleeping pattern as soon as possible because the more you linger the more trouble it is going to cause you. For instance, in the beginning of summer, you might have to get up an hour earlier and at the outset of winter you might have to get up an hour late.

In the same manner, even at night, readjust the wrapping up of your day according to the new timing as soon as possible.

Change the mealtime even when you’re not hungry

You might not feel hungry when the daylight saving time is switched back to the normal time but switch to the new mealtime as soon as possible whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner. This way, your body will readjust faster.

Obey your clock

Of course you will be readjusting the time in your clock whether you use it on your phone, on your computer or the regular watch. When you set the alarm, make sure you get up as the alarm goes off and don’t linger in the bed.

Explain to your kids the benefit of the Daylight Saving Time

It must be quite confusing to your kids when randomly the clocks are being moved backward or forward at certain intervals. They may also protest against the new schedule. Explain to them why the Daylight Saving Time is observed so that it becomes easier for them to cope with it.