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How to automatically save your WordPress backup to Dropbox

Dropbox is becoming the de facto storage place for many people. Since you might be storing every critical file in Dropbox, then why not save your WordPress backup files there too?

WordPress to Dropbox

Benefits of saving your WordPress backup to Dropbox

There are advantages and disadvantages of using practically everything in the world. But here we are just going to focus on the benefits of using Dropbox as your backup destination for WordPress files. Hopefully you realize how important it is to take regular backups of your WordPress data, especially the blog posts you have been publishing with so much effort and dedication. Just imagine, the server of the web hosting company suddenly crashes and everything goes down the drain. If your business or your revenue depends on your blog, this can be a disaster.

On the other hand, if you regularly backup your WordPress, you can quickly restore your blog using the same web host or another service.

Right now you can use various backup plug-ins with WordPress. These plug-ins can automatically email the backup files to your chosen email ID on a routine basis (you can set the interval). You can store the backup on your local drive. You can take the backup manually as well as automatically.

The first benefit of using Dropbox as your WordPress backup is something that is applicable to every file that you store there – you can access it from everywhere. Suppose you urgently need the backup file but if you have been storing your backup files on a particular computer or laptop and if that particular computer or laptop is not there with you, you are stuck. On the other hand if you have been storing your WordPress backup in your Dropbox folder then all you need to do is log into your Dropbox account and download the file.

Then, Dropbox is always more secure compared to your own drive as the data is stored on multiple servers.

Backing up your WordPress to Dropbox

Although there are many plug-ins that you can use to take backups, in this blog post we are going to have a look at BackWPUp. It is one of the most comprehensive WordPress backup tools available. It allows you to define what sort of backup you want (database backup, XML export, installed plug-ins list, et cetera), the filename pattern that you want to use, the compression technology and the destination where the backup must be sent.

The interface is quite intuitive. Once you have installed the plug-in, a new menu option appears on the left-hand side bar. In BackWPUp you define “jobs”. So the first time you use this plug-in, you will need to create a new job and in that job you are going to select various options so that your files are not only backed up automatically, they are also stored in your Dropbox folder.

Of course before you can use the Dropbox feature, you will need to authenticate BackWPUp with the cloud storage service. In the dashboard setup it is not very clear how to do it. Or, as it is shown in the above screen once you have chosen Dropbox as your backup destination, when you click the “Save changes” button it does not prompt you to authenticate. Although it adds a new tab at the top with “To: Dropbox” as label. Go there

Dropbox allows you to authenticate in the sandbox mode so that your entire folder is not available to the external application. Click this button and the application is authenticated.

You can explore other tabs in order to initiate backups automatically or manually.

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