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How to avoid a heatstroke

You can easily get a heatstroke if you remain under the sun for a longer period during summer without doing anything to bring your body temperature back to normal.  Heatstroke is not as serious as it often turns out to be and it can be easily avoided by taking timely precautions.

First of all if you can help it avoid going out in the sun.  Of course this is not possible all the time so while you are in the sun keep drinking water at short intervals.  Continuous supply of water keeps your body properly hydrated and the water inside your body helps to keep your body temperature down. So keep a bottle of water with you all the time.

You can also dab a cloth in water and keep it over your head or around your neck because these are the parts that feel the heat the most.  You should also eat juicy fruits and vegetables like water melons and cucumbers wherever and whenever possible. They say that eating a raw onion is the best way to avoid a heatstroke.

In case you are not used to going out in heat and you know that the next day you need to go out then have lots of water the previous day.  This certainly helps.  Seek medical help immediately if you feel like vomiting or you feel very weak and disoriented and your body is suddenly burning.

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