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How to avoid ailments associated with your sedentary job

Sedentary job and lifestyle ailments

A sedentary job is the norm rather than an exception these days and so are the ailments associated with such a lifestyle. The problem is compounded by a plethora of gadgets and appliances that are constantly at our disposal and further reduce our mobility. Take for instance, the telephone. Almost every family member these days has his or her own cell phone that he or she always keeps by his or her side. Just 15 or 20 years ago, a family used to have a common phone that was hooked to a wall or placed on a table and you had to visit the phone in order to make a call or attend a call. No longer.

Similarly, most of the jobs involve sitting in front of your computer and this encourages a sedentary lifestyle. A sedentary lifestyle is further promoted by the onslaught of social media and social networking websites. People these days don’t move around even to socialise as all their friends are just a click away. Immediately after work, they are either on Facebook or Twitter. This is a dangerous trend, health-wise. There are many ailments associated with a sedentary job and lifestyle such as obesity, severe back pain, repetitive stress injury, migraines, heart problems, hypertension, diabetes and a horde of other maladies.

By the time people realize often it is too late. So it is very necessary that you add some physical activities to your sedentary lifestyle. Listed below are a few ways you can avoid ailments associated with a sedentary job lifestyle.

Learn to use your computer or laptop standing rather than sitting

This is a very interesting trend gradually and quietly picking up. Many professionals are chucking out their chairs and opt for higher tables where they can work standing instead of sitting. This way you have a straight posture, and you are constantly shifting. Initially it may seem a bit odd but once you get used to it it can be quite healthy and it will also improve your productivity.

Develop healthier eating habits

Unfortunately, people living sedentary lifestyles also develop extremely unhealthy eating habits. Totally avoid junk food and aerated drinks. The associated ailments with your sedentary job can be significantly curbed if you switch to healthier foods, reduce intake of meat and increase intake of vegetables and water.

Take small, frequent breaks

Don’t sit in front of your computer hours on end. Use an alarm (you can easily set it up on your phone) if you need to, and after every one and a half hour, get up and go for a 10 minute walk. This is not going to waste your time and in fact this will make you more productive because it will increase circulation of blood to your brain and consequently energize you.

Don’t keep everything around you

Make excuses to get up and fetch things from distant locations. For instance, don’t keep a water bottle on your table. Put it somewhere you have to walk and have water. Similarly you can keep your phone in another room so that each time it rings, you have to get up and go there. Your room might have a toilet, but don’t use that in case you have to visit; visit a toilet that is at the other corner of your office or house.

Go for walks

Instead of fooling around in front of your computer or channel surfing on your TV get out and go for a long walk. If you don’t feel like changing your lifestyle drastically, do it on alternative days. Additionally, if you don’t want to start walking long distances immediately, you can begin with walking up to the next curve and then coming back. Stick to this distance for a week, and then start gradually increasing it.

Keep a dog

3-4 times a day you need to take your dog out and this means 3-4 times you have to walk. This can be a very good exercise. You can take your dog to the nearby park and run with it, or play with it.

Join a local gym or an activity club

Gym memberships these days are not as expensive as they used to be some years ago because many people these days prefer to become members. Join a gym, even if you go a couple of times in a week. This will stretch your muscles, detoxify your body and keep you lean and healthy.

These are a few lifestyle changes that you can incorporate into your daily living in order to avoid ailments associated with sedentary job and lifestyle. What are you doing? Please share your thoughts and ideas in the comments section.