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How to avoid bad SEO

Bad SEO, according to this excellent blog post at SEOMoz, can cause permanent damage to your website. This year millions of websites have been hit by the Google Penguin update that primarily targeted websites trying to inflate their rankings by means other than quality.

As the search engines evolve they want to show quality results to their users. What does that mean? It means the results that are shown to you really deserve to appear in front of you. If all you’re getting is garbage then why on earth would you use the same search engine again and again?

People try to inflate their rankings by the following two methods:

  1. Lots of keyword-centric content
  2. 100s of back links using the primary keywords as anchor text

In the good old days these two earned you top rankings on Google and other search engines. Via Penguin update Google targeted spammy content and with the recent Panda update it targeted back links. Still wondering what all this means.

In the midst 2000s SEO companies and people trying to improve their own search engine rankings figured out that websites having lots of content around their keywords fared quite well on search engine result pages. Additionally, the more links you got from other websites, the higher search engine rankings your website enjoyed. This also came to be associated with Page Rank or PR. If websites with higher page rank linked to you this could improve your search engine rankings. There was a sudden spurt of link exchange programs and there were many websites known as link farms.

Link backs are at the core of the Google ranking algorithm. They are used as validations. It’s kind of a reference. While preparing material when people want to add more value to their content they refer to external links that can provide more information. This is legitimate linking. People link to you because of your content and not simply because you have asked them to link to you.

Google insists that you prepare your website as if there were no search engines. That would be good SEO. Prepare your website and your content in such a manner that people link to your content on their own for its value. High-value content coupled with rightly earned back links can get you good search engine rankings.