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How to avoid the initial freelancing pitfalls

Freelancing, whereas means unmatched freedom it also means taking care of practically everything and it also means making life-altering decisions on your own. When you are working in an office you are simply assigned with some work and you just need to make sure that you do that work perfectly. Your pay is pre-decided and so are your responsibilities.

Many freelance careers fail to take off because there is no prior experience, there is no interaction between different freelancers and right decisions are not made at the right time. This doesn’t mean the sky begins to fall and you shouldn’t venture into freelancing but it really makes things easier if during the initial phase you take care of a few things so that you can avoid major blunders later on.

For instance you should start building a solid portfolio from the very beginning. This means doing projects that do justice to your portfolio and act as an asset. Day-to-day necessities may force you to take up assignments that cannot adorn your portfolio but make sure that along with meeting your daily bills you also take care of your long-term goals.

Also, don’t charge insanely less just because you are a beginner; charge according to the quality of service your providing. Read more on how to avoid the initial freelancing pitfalls in this Web Worker Daily blog post.

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