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How To Be Better Writer

Of late I’ve been avoiding material on writing because I think most of it is too cliched and hackneyed. You can polish your writing by reading about writing, but actual writing only comes from within. Dostoyevski and Dickens didn’t read writing manuals before becoming great writers — they just wanted to tell stories. The moment you start following the rules, you stop being a creative writer; although some say it is more challenging to be creative within the dungeons of rules but I couldn’t care less about the challenge. When I want to write, I simply want to write. That said, there are certain rules of thumb you can follow to make you a better writer, and John brings you 10 writing tips from the masters of writing. These writing tips can help you become not only better bloggers, but better writers, which is more important. Note: If you earn your living from writing, don’t pay particular attention to Rule 6 :-).