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How to be successful in whatever you do

Many think success is simply a state of mind but when we see it in the perspective of real life, it means excelling in whatever you do: running a business, earning money, helping others and bringing about positive changes, and raising a family. On the Internet you will find many tools and utilities and programs that claim to make you successful within a couple of weeks and with little effort, but this rarely happens. Success is not earning $3,000 by a fluke once in a while, it is when you earn it regularly (let’s say, every second day) and you know what exactly you are doing to make it happen.

The first step that you can take towards being successful is defining what success means to you. We all have our own peculiar definitions of success. To some success means buying an expensive car and to some it means spending lots of time among the loved ones, and to some, success means making a difference in the society. Whatever it means to you, in order to achieve it, you need to clearly define it. It’s like in order to reach your destination, you need to know what your destination is.

Then, you have to get out of your comfort zone. You rarely succeed if you don’t want to leave your comfort zone. Do what the others haven’t done yet. Try out new things. Explore the unchartered territories. Innovate.

People often get mixed up with being respected and being popular. Any dumb ass can become popular, but you are respected for what you do. Earn respect, not popularity because when people respect you, they respect your intelligence and wisdom and listen to you careful and when you ask them to act, they act.

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