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How to beat anxiety

Dealing with anxiety

You need to beat anxiety in time otherwise it can overwhelm you beyond control and in many cases it may also leave physical consequences. You can be hit by anxiety at any time because basically it is a chain of thoughts where one thought leads to another and before you can realize things are beyond control. Anxiety normally happens when either you’re too busy or you have got nothing much at your hand, for example when you’re lying on your bed. Maybe you have some thoughts regarding the lack of money or investments and all of a sudden start thinking about things that may happen while you run out of cash, for instance, somebody falling sick in the family while you don’t have medical coverage, or some sudden unavoidable expense or school or college fee of your kids.

Symptoms of an anxiety attack

There can be many visible and invisible symptoms of an anxiety attack including

  • A faster heartbeat
  • Feeling of a massive lump in the throat
  • It becomes harder to swallow food or water
  • Extreme restlessness when lying down
  • Uncontrollable sweating and dry throat
  • A headache or migraine attack
  • Feeling short of breath
  • Constant feeling of an impending doom

Whatever is the reason you have to beat anxiety before it begins to beat you. Listed below are a few steps you can take in order to beat anxiety.

Make a conscious effort to beat anxiety

Anxiety doesn’t help you, it only aggravates the situation. This is why you need to make a conscious effort to beat it. Try to talk yourself out of it by focusing on something positive no matter how adverse the situation seems. Repeat to yourself “anxiety isn’t helping me it is only making matters worse”.

Go for a walk to beat anxiety

Going for a walk releases positive chemicals that travel to your brain and it also pumps in fresh oxygen into it. This type of mild activity also releases toxins out of your body in the form of sweat. You also get distracted by looking at people, things, animals, and thousands of other things that you come across consciously or unconsciously while you’re walking outside. If nothing else openness and fresh air always has a calming effect on your psyche.

Watch some funny program on TV

Watching some funny program on TV is a great way to distract yourself but only for a while. Watching TV is not recommended on an ongoing basis because it provides you passive stimulations and keeps you distracted only while you’re watching some program. The moment you switch it off your anxiety may return. Anyhow it is a good way to give yourself some respite if you’re stuck in the loop of anxiety.

Eat something rejuvenating

Eat something that makes you feel good whether it is a watermelon during summer or a hot dessert during winter. Don’t stuff yourself and eat so much that you fall sick; just savor it. Eating your favorite dish always elevates your mood and improves it considerably.

Talk to somebody

Since anxiety can lead to a mental breakdown it is a good idea to talk to somebody about the situation or the circumstances that are triggering anxiety. Even if you have to wake somebody up in the middle of the night do it.

Keep yourself busy till the anxiety subsides

When you keep yourself busy you don’t give enough space to your brain to feel anxious. You’re always preoccupied when you are busy and your mind is always processing one thing or another. Anxiety is normally a momentary situation so if somehow you can pass that moment it eventually goes away. If there is certain task that is causing anxiety start doing something else but don’t just sit idle and think about things not happening. Do something else. Being productive always helps.

Whenever you want to beat anxiety quickly just stop what you’re doing and try to take yourself out of the anxiety loop. You should never take anxiety lightly as it may lead to many health related problems including even a stroke. Fix up an appointment with your doctor if the anxiety comes back again and again and it becomes a regular affair. Sometimes reasons for anxiety can be well-founded even if you’re not consciously aware of them.