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How to beat Monday blues

Isn’t Monday the most dreaded day of the week? After a blissful weekend nobody likes to come face-to-face with the real-world again and hence we have the concept of Monday blues and some way or the other we have to beat Monday blues in order to survive through the day. Although at the surface one might say that it is one single damn day and why make such a big deal out of it but come to think of it, it is really a bad start for a week. If you know how to beat Monday blues you can have a more productive week. So how to beat Monday blues?

The easiest solution would be not to have a weekend but this luxury is only available to freelancers. Another solution is on Sunday itself start getting into the work mode by getting early in the bed and thinking of Sunday like just another weekday. You can also plan something pleasant specifically for Monday, as this link says, you can go on lunch with your friends every Monday. Maybe after office you can even go to a movie but then this can only happen if you don’t have a spouse and a bunch of kids. Still, this is the best solution — if it is possible engage in one of your favorite activities on Mondays. Maybe then Monday will turn out to be your favorite day of the week!

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