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How to become a superhero

Becoming a superhero

What are the characteristics of a typical superhero? He or she performs superhuman tasks? Aside from reversing the rotation of the earth, saving the world from aliens and confronting the mutated villains, what other things make you extraordinary and catapult you into the league of superheroes?

Becoming a superhero doesn’t mean you need to accidentally fall into a tank full of exotic chemicals, or get bitten by a spider exposed to radiation or get hit by lightning at exactly the moment that is ripe for such transformations. Even in your day-to-day life, you can become a superhero. In fact, the superheroes that you read about in your comic or watch in the movies are there just for entertainment and perhaps, to revitalize our collective imagination, but other than that, they don’t solve much purpose. Then what’s the use of becoming one?

What are the traits of a superhero? He or she takes risks that normally people don’t take? He or she comes up with solutions that are unthinkable. Instead of working for himself or herself, he or she works for the greater good of the world. He or she is creative beyond the realms of the ordinary.

This aptly written article in Huffington Post illustrates how you can become a superhero without going through the preternatural trials and tribulations mentioned in the second paragraph above.

All superpowers are hyperbole of human character traits. They’d have to be, since humans are the ones who gave them to heroes in the first place. For example, Iceman’s and Pyro’s personalities in X-Men: The Last Stand reflect their supernatural abilities; Iceman is, for lack of a better word, cool and collected, whereas Pyro is unruly and volatile. Comic Con fans will hate me for proposing this, but if we imagine X-Men without superpowers, those characters would likely lead us through an exciting plot as plain humans.

Listed below are real world traits that you can develop in order to become a superhero.

Open your doors and windows to imagination

There is a reason why our world is trapped in a rut. People don’t use their imagination and insight; they want to do the tried and tested things. There is a great scarcity of people who can form ideas out of thin air and when people are able to do that, they become extraordinary. They are in great demand and people admire them to the extent of making them superheroes. This imagination doesn’t need to manifest in a groundbreaking perspective. Even the way you help your kid does his or her homework can make you an imagination superhero.

Show compassion and help people

We are becoming human islands at an alarming rate. Compassion these days is rare to see and experience. Provide comfort to those who are going through a misfortune. Be with someone who is lonely. Make a sad person laugh. Show someone the beauty of the world. Give someone a hug. Help someone at the hour of need and for that person, you are the real superhero.

Build your endurance and achieve superhuman feats

World-class athletes achieve superhuman feats. They can run extraordinarily fast. They can jump great heights. They can hit their mark with awesome accuracy. They can climb mountains and cross rivers single-handedly. It doesn’t come easy. You have to build endurance and in order to build that endurance, you have to work really hard, extraordinarily hard. This makes you extraordinary.

Trust your intuition

We all have intuitive powers, but not everybody trusts them. Do you ever have a gut feeling that something is going to go wrong or right but you ignored it because you don’t believe in your self? And then, you are amazed when that thing actually happens? The person you love deeply feels hungry and you bring something to eat without even giving it a thought and not even knowing that person is hungry? Does it ever happen that you and the person sitting beside you have the same thought and say the same thing exactly at the same moment? Science hasn’t been able to to figure out intuition but we all have it. You can, with practice, train yourself to trust your intuition and use it to your advantage. People around you will think that you have superhuman powers.

Empathize with people

Providing support to people during difficulty is well and good, but empathy is something that is not often experienced. Empathy means understanding what the person is going through. Why you cannot step into the shoes of that person, you can try to understand why that person feels miserable. Even if you cannot help in a big way, just being around in case that person needs you, can make a very big difference.

Overcome your fears

Fear plays a very important role in the way we live our lives. You may not realize it consciously, it is your fear that shapes your everyday decisions. Do you want to ask for a raise but the fear of a “no” from your boss stops you from doing that? Do you want to tell someone that you love him or her but the fear of rejection stops you? Do you want to dress in a certain manner but the fear of being ridiculed puts barriers in front of you? Do you want to move on in life but the fear of losing the company of your friends or siblings holds you back? We all have our individual fears that stop us from achieving our potential. Since the entire world seems to be driven by fear, those who can overcome their fear are the ones called brave. A brave person is not someone who doesn’t feel fear, a brave person is the one who does what he or she has to do despite the fear. You become a superhero when you overcome your fear and don’t let it stop you from doing what you want to do, what needs to be done.