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How to become an effective Twitter user

In order to become an effective Twitter user people should find you worth following. After all if you have no consistent followers, whom are you going to tweet to? If you want to become an effective Twitter user, you should not only have more followers, these followers must pay attention to your messages and respond to you whenever you want them to respond. Here are a few things you can practice in order to be a successive and effective Twitter user:

  • Engage in two-way conversations: Twitter is a communication tool, and not a monologue. If you keep on releasing random, unrleated messages into the Twitter-stream nobody is going to pay attention. Respond to what others are saying and reply promptly if someone refers to you.
  • Don’t use Twitter as a spamming tool: Some people use Twitter just to post their links and sometimes their affiliate links. Naturally, they have fewer followers. As mentioned above, engage in conversations.
  • Greet people when they follow you: When people follow you, send them a personal message, and if possible, avoid sending a canned message.
  • Post regularly: With thousands of people following thousands of people, it’s not easy to keep track of people. If you don’t post regularly, unless you are a celebrity or a well-known person, your followers are going to forget you.
  • Post useful, interesting links: Whenever you come across a link that you think you can share without offending your followers, you should tweet about it. You don’t just have to Tweet about your own profession or field, you can post any interesting or useful, or public-interest link. Retweet liberally: People love it when you promote the information they have tweeted about. You not only transfer valuable links to your own followers, you also encourage the others to retweet your tweets.
  • Be personal sometimes: Although constantly streaming about your toilet activities (it’s a different thing if you’re a Hollywood star) may bore people, occasional glimpse into your personal life, such as what book you are reading, something interesting you have just thought, or something that you have seen in your neighborhood, make you approachable and human