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How to become an expert authority in your field

Becoming an expert authority in your field is not just a matter of ego massage, it also makes lots of business sense, especially if you sell your products or services (or both) on the Internet where cut-throat competition is perpetually present. Becoming an expert helps you stand out and instill a sense of confidence and trust in your customers and clients. People seek your opinion and they publish your opinion on their blogs and websites. They mention you and quote you during that online social interactions like on Twiter and FaceBook. Journalists quote you and link back to your website or social profile.

On the Internet it’s quite easy to become an expert authority; you need some focus, dedication, and right direction. Right direction is very important because if you spend all your time and resources digging out rocks where you expect gems you gain nothing. So you should not only know what you want to learn, you must also know how to obtain that knowledge. Some good sources you can use to become an expert authority can be:

  • Blogs
  • Social networking websites
  • Online forums and publications
  • Conferences and seminars
  • Podcasts and videocasts
  • Ebooks

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