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How to build a better insight

Do you often wonder why and how some people can see things that you cannot? How come they have better insight than yours? All those ideas, that should have come to you, come to other people. This is not only frustrating, it can also harm you professionally.

Having better insight

It’s not that they are better qualified or more educated than you. Maybe you are more qualified, more experienced and even better educated? Then why do these people constantly beat you when it comes to having a better insight? Whether it is software development, product design, innovation or writing, your mind simply feels stumped. The problem is not with your mind, the problem is the way you have tuned your thinking. You need to change the way you think. Here are a few things you can do:

Lookout for a different perspective

In order to train your mind to look for a different perspective and have a better insight you need to consciously do it. Creative people who have a different perspective don’t have exceptional brains (except for a few geniuses), it’s just that they are constantly working at it and their minds have gotten used to looking for information and patterns that you normally ignore or don’t care much about. Suppose you’re reading an article. When you’re reading it unconsciously, you’re not using your brain, you are simply absorbing information without questioning and without doubting. In order to develop an insight, you need to start questioning and you need to start doubting, no matter how respected and authoritative the writer is.

Write-down the main points and store them somewhere

In order to build a better insight you need information for comparison. You need past information and you need future projections. Insight is all about an ability to compare the new information with the information you have and then draw your own conclusion. So, processing the information is vital to clarity. You can use the conventional notebook or you can use a digital tool like Evernote. A good thing about using a digital tool is that it is often available on every device you use, so whether you’re using your computer, laptop, iPad or any of the versions of android tablets, you can quickly jot down the information so that later on you can go through it at your own leisure.

Start writing about the information you have

Simply writing down the information doesn’t give you clarity. You need to use that information in your own language so that your mind can retain it. Suppose you have found a very interesting article on the consumption of smart phones in various countries. You may simply read the article and get on with your life, or you can jot down the important points and then create your own article, essay or a blog post using those points. Initially you can also post updates on Facebook and Google Plus. The basic point is using the information you have to communicate your own thoughts.

Be open to different thoughts and accept contradictions

Things are never black-and-white. What you’re reading, or what you are listening to may be totally different from what actually manifests. Having strong opinions and having a rigid mind are two different things. You can have strong opinions but still you can have an open mind about the information that you absorb and the creativity that you want to unleash. Building a better insight also entails being receptive to new thoughts and new ideas even if you don’t agree with them.

Develop a reading habit

For building a better insight regular reading is very important. Not just blogs and online articles, but full-fledged books on specific topics. If you are a web designer, read books on web design; if you are a journalist then read as many books as possible on the topics that you like covering and writing on. Sometimes the amount of information that you get by reading one book may be more than what you can gather on your own after spending years studying the subject.

Interact with like-minded people

If you are interested in economics then interact with people who are constantly reading and writing on this topic. If you like philosophy, then start spending time with people who dabble with philosophy. When you start spending time with like-minded people (like-minded people doesn’t mean people who constantly agree with you) you are exchanging ideas and information and you’re constantly talking about things you know and don’t know. This keeps your mind stimulated and the stimulated mind is an ideal breeding ground for newer insights and concepts.