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How to build an ultimate contact list

In one of our previous posts we discussed how to organize your client details efficiently. Here we’ll talk about how to build an ultimate contact list.

Contacts are the life blood of your business. If you manage your contacts well, you’ll observe that more than 60% of your work comes from your contact list. Only tools like Plaxo help you keep your contact list updated once you have added a contact, even if the contact changes the details (using the same utility, of course).

We all have our individual ways of building a contact list. Some people use the simple text file, and some use the most sophisticated contact management tools available; it depends on the number of contacts you have, and the degree of complexity you demand. The basic idea behind building the ultimate contact list is that you should be able to keep in touch with your contact on a regular basis, and you should be able to communicate with them promptly whenever you need to.

This FreelanceSwitch post talks about building an ultimate contact list.