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How to buy happiness with money

Buying happiness with money

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When people say you cannot buy happiness with money, they are correct, but not completely. Maybe the phrase was put in place to reprimand those who solely existed to make money. Money is important, but it cannot buy you everything, but then again, it makes it a lot easier to buy things that you cannot straightaway buy using a credit card.

In order to be able to buy happiness with money, you first need to define, according to your own perspective, what exactly happiness is. For some, happiness is partying all night and then crashing in the morning and getting up in the afternoon with no particular worries. For others, happiness is making others happy or making the world a better place, or even sitting for hours beside a small mountain stream listening to the sounds of nature. So you cannot say what makes me happy should make you happy too, and vice versa.

For the clarity of this dialog, let’s assume you don’t want to obtain happiness by making others miserable, for instance, swindling money out of people or bullying your classmates or committing crimes.

So how to buy happiness with money

  • Understand that want is transient. Remember you so eagerly wanted to buy that toy and after getting it you realized after all it was not such a big deal to have it. Why do we become excessively materialistic? It’s because we’re unable to control our wants and momentary urges. With money you can of course keep on buying, but then your wants go on increasing and eventually you become the slave of your wants. Your new car makes you more happy than your child’s laughter. Want is nothing but insecurity. What’s this about buying happiness with money then? It’s the security that you inculcate. Free yourself of wants by assimilating that you can fulfill those wants whenever you want to.
  • Make a comfortable home. A lot of our happiness depends on our home. Since you have money, you can easily spend it on making your home more comfortable and nourishing. Buy a bigger house if you feel like so that there is lots of open space around for your kids, pets and for yourself. Have activity rooms where you can spend quality time with your loved ones.
  • Spend on good health. There is no happiness without good health. Majority of people on this earth are unhappy as they don’t have good health. Eat nourishing food. Join a gym or yoga classes. Go on hiking trips. Engage in lots of physical activities. A good, healthy lifestyle in a city can be expensive, no matter what the idealists say, so if you have money, invest it properly in yours and your loved ones’ health.
  • Spend on grooming wisely. It’s your grooming that makes you look beautiful, not your features. If you feel happy about attracting a certain someone to you, groom yourself using the best advise available to you, even if it means spending lots of money.
  • Create opportunities for others. Yes, a happy world means a happier you. Creating opportunities for disadvantaged people is not just the task of the government and the non-profit organization, even you as an individual can do a lot with the power of money. Fund somebody’s education or treatment or sponsor an event in an old-age home and see your happiness soring high.
  • Create conditions for happiness to come to you. Happiness has to do a lot about your circumstance. A good thing about having money is that you can easily change your circumstances. Yes, you really can.

The problem with money is that most people start exploiting it and in return it starts exploiting people and then it becomes a vicious circle and that’s why many people think that money is the root cause of all evil. It’s not the root cause, the root cause is excessive materialism, and this perpetual competition to own things. Start controlling how you use your money and you can then easily buy happiness with money.