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How to change your luck


Do you often wonder why some people are more lucky why some are constantly trapped in the quagmire of bad luck? Do you think all those highly successful people got “lucky breaks” on multiple occasions or just when it mattered and there is a bleak chance that you’re ever going to get that lucky break? Well there is a good news for you: everybody has lucky breaks. It’s just that we’re not in a position to grab them and exploit them when we come across them simply because we are not prepared for them. In fact this is the biggest difference between those with luck and those with no luck. People with “luck” are always ready when an opportunity crosses their path.

Anyway, can you change your luck? You definitely can. Of course here and there pre-destined luck often plays its part but it is same as you switching on the TV accidentally just when your favorite movie is about to begin. People who believe that it is solely our luck that controls our fortune keep waiting for it for ever. I’m not saying people are not “lucky”. Of course they are. You are lucky that you were born in a country that protects you, provides you good food and makes available to you the best opportunities the modern world can offer. On the contrary, you might not be that lucky if you are born in Somalia where you may have to dodge bullets almost every hour. But then again, people born in the most daunting conditions have come out of them and changed their luck. You just need to decide that you want to change your luck, and once you have decided, you can definitely do this. Once you have decided to change your luck, these pieces of advice may help you:

Set your goals

It is very important to set your goals and make up your mind regarding where you want to be in order to feel lucky. Earning lots of money and having lots of relationships or the ability to get out of a relationship and enter into another with great ease may not seem very lucky to some people. Some people may consider themselves lucky by driving the trendiest cars; some may feel lucky if they are able to serve the poor or contribute constructively towards the well-being of the society and some people may feel lucky by simply living a joyous, peaceful life with their near and dear ones.

Decide how you are going to react

It is not up to us sometimes what happens to us but it is always up to us how we react. We can face adversity as a learning lesson or we can let it completely crush us. In fact this is a major difference between seemingly lucky and seemingly unlucky people. Seemingly lucky people are not broken by adversities. Even when they are pinned to the ground, they get up, shake off the dust and continue with their journey. They learn from their mistakes and try never to repeat them. If your life is full of difficulties don’t just feel bad about them, always think about how you can overcome them.

Never ignore the power of networking

It is very important that you know the right people. By this I don’t mean you befriend people only because of selfish reasons but it always pays if you are well networked. It is normally isolated people who have to face the adversities of life alone without much help. Difficulties are everywhere and for everyone but people who have lots of friends (or acquaintances) normally get timely help and this lessens the impact. Besides, when there are lots of people aware of your qualities and abilities there is a greater chance of them directing opportunities your way as and when they arise. Most successful and seemingly lucky people often have a wide network of acquaintances and friends.

Always remain prepared for opportunities

If you want to be a successful singer don’t just practice when you’re about to get a gig or a break. Keep practising. Similarly if you want to be a writer don’t just write when you get paid or when you are convinced that your book is definitely going to be published. Keep writing, keep honing your skills, keep improving yourself. This is very important because we live in a highly competitive world. The moment you realize that you have a talent you will find thousands of people having the same sort of talent and even much better. This is the stage when people start blaming their luck instead of their lack of preparedness.

Stop believing that you are unlucky or disadvantaged

People who think that they are unlucky or are at a disadvantage have this strange black aura around them that immediately communicates their attitude to the world in general and this creates an underlying hostility towards them. Instead, think yourself as a lucky person. Think of this world as full of advantages and opportunities. The biggest disadvantage in this world is not being alive. As long as you are alive you have all the advantage you need.

Take good care of your health

Healthier people are highly positive by nature. A healthy body produces chemicals that trigger positive thoughts inside you. When you begin to feel down or “unlucky” pay close attention to your health. Are you feeling unhealthy? Are you leading an unhealthy lifestyle? Having a healthy body is always the first step towards a lucky you because beyond this nothing matters. Nothing comes before health. And you don’t need expensive food and fitness equipment to keep you healthy. Just stay away from junk food, eat lots of raw vegetables and fruits, reduce your weight (if you have a weight problem), avoiding aerated drinks and in general follow good healthy habits.

Appreciate what you have

Unfortunately we begin to appreciate things we have in life after losing them. Take for instance your ability to move around freely. The moment you are confined to your bed (due to illness or injury) the most precious thing is the ability to walk again that otherwise we take so much for granted. It is a blessing that you can hear, see, speak, touch, eat and just enjoy the world around you; there are millions of people who cannot. The same holds true for people around you. If you have your family around you, if you have friends, you are among the privileged few. Appreciate them, understand their value and think how lucky you are to have them. The other things are secondary, like a bonus.

Think like a lucky person

Always have a positive disposition. If you are sincere with yourself, if you have prepared yourself for the task at hand, you’re going to do great. Even if you don’t succeed, big deal! At least you gave it your best shot and for the next try keep in mind what you didn’t do on your previous attempt. Remember that every failure is an opportunity to learn — you may look at this statement cynically when you are down in the dumps but this is actually true.

Find positive examples around you

The world is how we decide to look at it. Of course you can find many examples of people who didn’t or couldn’t make it. But then you can also find examples of people who really made it out of sheer grit, determination and preparedness. Find out those examples. Read about those people and decide to emulate them. Befriend people who have a great attitude towards life.

In the end your fate is what you make of it. If you decide to change your luck you can start doing that from this very moment.