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How to choose the best Linux distro for you

There was a time when Linux was just for geeks and nerds. The regular folks, in the olden days stuck to DOS, and then they quietly started using the various versions of Windows operating system. Until came Ubuntu. It is one of the best GUI-based Linux distros and once you have installed it you can use your computer or your laptop just the way you use in Windows. In fact many claim that Ubuntu is far better compared to Windows.

But Ubuntu isn’t the only Linux distro available to the hoi polloi. There are more than 50 Linux distributions according to this great review. So how do you choose?

Linux distributions

Linux distributions

It depends on your hardware and if the choice of hardware doesn’t matter (because you have the latest), then the choice hinges upon the variety of software applications you require.

The main problem with various Linux distros is that they normally don’t work out of the box, as you can manage with Windows. Installing Linux operating systems like Ubuntu is quite easy and straightforward, and provided you are careful about the various options, you can install it without even spoiling your current Windows installation. The problem comes when you actually get down to using it. Even a small thing as launching your browser and connecting to the Internet can become a problem for some.

Over a long period of time you get used to using big and small applications in your Windows version and you feel quite uncomfortable when all these applications are not available in one of the Linux distros and even if there are alternatives, they require lots of command line knowledge. In that sense, so far, Ubuntu is best for you. Go to the original link mentioned above to read about other Linux distributions that you may like to try on your computer.