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How to completely delete files from your hard disk

Even when you have deleted a file on your computer or laptop the file still remains there and it can be retrieved using free or commercial tools. No, I’m not talking about retrieving the files from the Recycle bin. Even if you empty the recycle bin the files can still be accessed by a person who knows how to access them.  Actually what happens is when you delete a file it doesn’t actually get deleted, it remains there until some other data overwrites it. Now this may happen immediately or it may take months, or even years for that space to get overwritten.

Deleting your files completely is very important for the safety of your confidential information. You may also want to completely delete all your personal files from the hard disk before selling your old PC. Using some free utilities you can completely delete your files, or “shred” them  before handing your PC to someone else. This blog post illustrates one of such utilities.

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