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How to create a Google+ page for your business or personal brand

Just like Facebook, now in Google+ too you can create a page for your business or your personal brand. Of course in order to create a Google+ page first of all you need to have a Google account so this blog post presumes that you already have it.

In order to create your Google+ page, go to your account by clicking the “ You” on the top of your browser account in case you are using one of the Google applications

Create a Google+ page

Once you are there, click the following icon that says “Create a Google+ page”

Create a Google+ page

This link leads to the following page that lets you enter basic information in order to create a business or personal branded Google page

Choosing category for the Google+ page being created

Supposing you choose “Product or Brand” you may have to enter the fields for your Google+ page in the following manner:

Adding personal information to the new Google+ page being created

The following page allows you to customize your newly-created Google+ page so that you can provide more information regarding your product or brand to your friends and followers

Customizing your newly created Google+ page

The proceeding screen allows you to notify your friends on Google+ regarding your newly-created page. After doing that, you can click the “Finish” button.

How to delete your Google+ page

Since initially you will be creating your Google+ page just to play around with it you might want to delete it after creating it. Deleting your Google+ page is quite straightforward.

When you visit your profile, under your profile picture, you can see the number of pages you have created. Click on the drop-down and then click “manage pages”. Using the proceedings screen you can delete your newly created or already existing Google+ page.