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How to create a gradient text effect with GIMP

Although you can create a gradient text effect with GIMP using the procedure described in this tutorial, if you think this is a long-winded way, especially compared to how easy it is in Photoshop, then you must know GIMP is basically a photo editing tool. Nonetheless, if you’re working in Ubuntu then Photoshop is not an option and with some trickery you can do whatever you want to do with GIMP too. In fact with the latest version of GIMP there is no trickery involved. You can simply use the gradient tool present in the tool bar and create your desired text effect.

Launch GIMP and create a new document. Then using the text tool create some text on which you’d like to apply the gradient effect.

Gradient text effect in Gimp -- create text

In the tool box there is button that lets you regions with the similar color.

Gradient text effect in Gimp -- color selection tool

Click on this button and then click somewhere on the text. You’ll see ants moving around your text which means the area of your text has been selected.

Gradient text effect in Gimp -- region of a particular color is selected

In the tool box you now need to click the gradient button.

Gradient text effect in Gimp -- gradient tool

Once you click the gradient button, in the lower portion of the Tool box all the options available for this button become visible.

Gradient text effect in Gimp -- different gradient options

The button marked with the red arrow is the one that allows you to select various gradients for your text. When you click, a drop-down menu appears and you can select the one you want. After selecting it, go to your text, click on the upper edge, don’t release the mouse button, and drag it to the lower edge, and then release the mouse button. The gradient text effect will be applied. You can change the direction of the drag to create more effects with the same gradient option.

Gradient text effect in Gimp -- final result

You can try out different options available with this GIMP tool box section. In order to use the text, simply crop your image and save it.